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Peter Gatete
Oprichter / Voorzitter


Dear Friends,

Receive many greetings from our volunteers in Rwanda and from us here in Holland.

In Rwanda in 1994 there was a horrible genocide; the Hutu’s were killing the Tutsi’s massively. The calculated amount of dead is between 800.000 - 1.000.000 Even though the genocide happened 15 years ago the results are still visible today. Families are torn apart and the war orphans are now youths or young adults.  

Our Foundation “Faith Hope and Love” ‘Geloof, hoop en liefde’ has for years been helping these youth and we are still very active in doing so. The foundation has started a sewing school and a project for schooling of children with Aids. Besides that we have started several projects in recent years. We believe it is now time for a new project to reach a new target group.

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Rwanda; Altitude 1500 m Temp. 23°C

The new project

Already before the genocide the country knew great poverty caused by the low education grade and the high unemployment. The genocide has led the country to further poverty. Some families have handed care of their children over to others because there was not enough money to provide for care themselves. Other children have lost their family in the war and the children have landed on the street. The foundation wants to start helping these children.

To be able to reach the targeted goal of this project we want to involve society to help with the current state of the street children. We want to make them aware of their role in the improvement of the situation. This means that we will contact churches, the local governments, and whenever possible the families of each child.

The streetchildren visit our building

Contents of the project

We want to start by setting up shelter for ten boys. We want to care for the children by providing food, clothing, a place to sleep, education, counseling and advice for their personal problems.

We want to serve as an in-between person for children who do have family and help them wherever possible to reunite them with their family. We would need to trace the families and investigate their living situation. Even after unification the foundation will keep track of them to help solve any problems that might occur.

Pastor Faustin, Joyce and Peter visiting the streetchildren

Please understand that this project is completely dependent on gifts. This project will need professional input. The foundation will do this through the Evangelical Church in Rwanda and its pastor Faustin Munyaneza. In cooperation with him a board will be assembled which will take care of the continuation of the project and the reporting to the sponsors.

It is a great challenge to be able to care for the street children in a responsible way. It will be a long term process. And they will have to be resocialized and their trust has to be regained and learn to live under authority. The relief and guiding needs to be of good quality to prevent that they will return to the street. That is why we want to invest in these children and we ask you for your help.

This is how the children live on the street

Streetchildren get some food in our building

Attached you can see the budget for each of the separate parts of this project. In our times of recession it is difficult to raise funds. But still we want to freely ask you to support those whom really have nothing at all.

The Foundation Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde (Faith, Hope and Love foundation) in Holland has founded “Association Hope” in Rwanda. We are helping Orphans, Aids-Children, Youth and Widows. See video images on;  www.GeloofHoopEnLiefdeRwanda.nl

The board of Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde (Faith, Hope and Love foundation) are;
Peter Gatete, Frans Nijhof,
Martin Haring, Marjan Gatete,
Bas Roemers, Paul de Kloe.

Foundation Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde (Faith, Hope and Love foundation); As a foundation we offer spiritual and material help to the traumatized people of Rwanda, by means of; The Sewing school, The Aids-Project, The Church, and the Vegetable garden. http://nieuwsbrief.geloofhoopenliefderwanda.nl

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010
Friendly greetings and thank you very much for your support, God bless you

"1 Corinthians 13:13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."

Donaties / Sponsoring / Giften
Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde
Postbank 6931133

Stg Geloof Hoop En Liefde
Poortland 53
1602 MC Enkhuizen
+31 228 316646

For international donations;
Stichting Geloof Hoop en Liefde
Postbank  6931133
IBAN: NL 61  PSTB  0006931133

ABN bank
IBAN: NL 05 ABNA 0492056056

 Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling


                                           Financial Budget Proposal – Abana Bizuba – Project 2010

a). Care home/hostel




Unit Cost

Total (Rwandan Franc)

Total (Dollars)

Total (Euro’s)


House rent

12 months

150.000 Frw.

1.800.000 Frw.

$ 3.302,75

€ 2213,94


Food (3 meals)

12 months

151.111 Frw.

1813.332 Frw.

$ 3.327,12

€ 2230,27



5 year

99.456 Frw.

1095.000 Frw.

$ 2.009,17

€ 1346,81


Clothings (10 children)

12 months

30.000 Frw.

300.000 Frw.

$ 550,46

€ 368,99


Scholastic materials for school fees beneficiaries

An academic year

150.00 Frw.

1500.000 Frw.

$ 2.752,29

€ 1844,95


Refreshment and outings (fun time)

3 months

153.600 Frw.

450.800 Frw.

$ 825,16

€ 553,13


Audio (TV, DVD-player, Radio)



230.000 Frw.

$ 422,02

€ 282,89


Salary for caretaker

12 months

90.000 Frw.

1080.000 Frw.

$ 1.981,65

€ 1328,36


Equipment for living (seats, fridge, tables, cupboards utensils, saucepans, curtains, art and crafts etc.)



1082.200 Frw.

$ 1985,69

€ 1331,07


Kitchen (charcoal and stoves)

12 months

29.000 Frw.

348.000 Frw.

$ 638,53

€ 428,03


Toiletries and laundry

12 months

46.539 Frw.

556.300 Frw.

$ 1.020,73

€ 684,23


Medical care

12 months


135.000 Frw.

$ 247,71

€ 166,05


Miscellaneous (any other business)

12 months


535.575 Frw.

$ 982,72

€ 658,75


Sub Total (a) Rwfr.



10.926.207 Frw.




Sub Total (a) USD




$ 20048,09



Sub Total (a) EUR





€ 13438,86


General Total (a + b)

10.926.207 + 2.776.285


13.702.492 Frw.

$ 25,142,19

€ 16853,55



b). Repatriation and Reunification




Unit Cost

Total (Rwandan Francs)

Total (Dollars)

Total (Euro’s)


Transport for repatriating and unifying beneficiaries

52 weeks

14.400 Frw.

748,800 Frw.

$ 1.373,95

€ 921,00


Communication for 6 people 5.000 Frw. per month.

12 months

30.000 Frw.

360,000 Frw.

$ 660,55

€ 448,82



12 months

13.000 Frw.

156,000 Frw.

$ 286,24

€ 191,88



12 months

19.200 Frw.

230,400 Frw.

$ 422,75

€ 283,38


Scholarship for 5 children

An academic year

192.000 Frw.

960,000 Frw.

$ 1.761,47

€ 1180,77


Materials for beneficiaries (uniform, shoes, books and pencils)

An academic year

27.200 Frw.

136,000 Frw.

$ 249,54

€ 167,27


Initial capital to start new life

12 months

185,085 Frw.

185,085 Frw.

$ 339,61

€ 227,65


Sub Total (b) Frw.



2.776.285 Frw.




Sub Total (b) USD




$  5.094,04



Sub Total (b) EUR





€ 3414,69




Wat doen wij?
Ons doel is de minderbedeelde mensen in Rwanda te helpen. Op het moment doen we dit met 3 projecten; 1) De Naaischool waar we jonge mensen een jaar lang opleiden in het mode vak, en als ze slagen krijgen ze een naaimachine mee om er direct mee te kunnen werken. 2) Het Aidskinderenproject waar we 64 kinderen helpen weer naar school te gaan. 3) Het groenteproject, waar we meehelpen met zaadjes uit Nederland voor het aanplanten van betere groente in Rwanda. Al deze projecten worden uitgevoerd door vrijwilligers in Rwanda en zijn afhankelijk van uw sponseringGeloofHoopEnLiefdeRwanda.nl

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