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Peter Gatete
Founder / Chairman

Dear Friends,

Receive many greetings from our volunteers in Rwanda and from us here in Holland.

On the picture the sewing school graduated students in Kigali, Rwanda:
We have noticed since some time now that the focus on the sewing school has diminished by our other projects. As a result, we see the financial support diminishing for the school. That is why we want to highlight the situation of the sewing school, namely for those who graduated.

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Rwanda; Altitude 1500 m Temp. 23°C

With the help of the sponsors in the past, we have been able to realize the sewing school in Rwanda. From collective income and individual gifts we can run the school through the years. However in the past we were confronted with the fact that people who had their education and gotten their diploma would not be able to make a start without a little help. It seemed that an own sewing machine and a starter credit was necessary. Because the ultimate goal of the sewing school, to teach the people a trade so they can generate their own income, was not reached. So we decided to make an effort to continue to help the people to be able to start for themselves. This way we are fundraising in Holland. Concerning the sewing machines, we have been getting help from your side until last year, in which we maybe had not highlighted the needs of the school enough. Never have we received help to specifically give the people a starter credit.

At the moment we are with a growing amount of students. Thirty people who have graduated are now waiting for a sewing machine. We want to help them in corporation with “Stichting Derde Wereld Werkplaats” in Teteringen, which delivers quality goods for small-scale projects in developing countries. They are revising sewing machines, and help us with the transportation to Africa.

We are concretely asking your help
For these 30 sewing machines.
Costs: 30   x  € 75 =  € 2250
Costs for transportation and shipment to Africa: € 1850
Beside we want to ask you to help the graduated students with a starter credit for:
Costs: 30  x  $ 150 = $ 4500
Perhaps you could also help us by guiding us to a known organization, institution or foundation, which can help us with these mini-credits.
Also the sewing school needs some extra machines to be able to regularly replace unusable machine, but at this moment we ask your help for those who graduated.
We  are looking out with confidence  to your help for these people in Rwanda.
St. Geloof, Hoop en Liefde (Faith, Hope and Love foundation)

Martin Haring, secretary;

The Foundation Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde (Faith, Hope and Love foundation) in Holland has founded “Association Hope” in Rwanda. We are helping Orphans, Aids-Children, Youth and Widows. See video images on;  www.GeloofHoopEnLiefdeRwanda.nl

The board of Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde (Faith, Hope and Love foundation) are;
Peter Gatete, Frans Nijhof,
Martin Haring, Marjan Gatete,
Bas Roemers, Paul de Kloe.

Foundation Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde (Faith, Hope and Love foundation); As a foundation we offer spiritual and material help to the traumatized people of Rwanda, by means of; The Sewing school, The Aids-Project, The Church, and the Vegetable garden. http://nieuwsbrief.geloofhoopenliefderwanda.nl

Friendly greetings and thank you very much for your support, God bless you

"1 Corinthians 13:13 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."

Donaties / Sponsoring / Giften
Stichting Geloof Hoop En Liefde
Postbank 6931133

Stg Geloof Hoop En Liefde
Poortland 53
1602 MC Enkhuizen
+31 228 316646

For international donations;
Stichting Geloof Hoop en Liefde
Postbank  6931133
IBAN: NL 61  PSTB  0006931133

ABN bank
IBAN: NL 05 ABNA 0492056056

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Wat doen wij?
Ons doel is de minderbedeelde mensen in Rwanda te helpen. Op het moment doen we dit met 3 projecten; 1) De Naaischool waar we jonge mensen een jaar lang opleiden in het mode vak, en als ze slagen krijgen ze een naaimachine mee om er direct mee te kunnen werken. 2) Het Aidskinderenproject waar we 64 kinderen helpen weer naar school te gaan. 3) Het groenteproject, waar we meehelpen met zaadjes uit Nederland voor het aanplanten van betere groente in Rwanda. Al deze projecten worden uitgevoerd door vrijwilligers in Rwanda en zijn afhankelijk van uw sponseringGeloofHoopEnLiefdeRwanda.nl

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